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Cassidy Ladden
Barbie: 12 Dancing Princesses OST

Key: A
Standard Tuning

A - F#m

Verse I:
          A             E             A
There's a place you can go where your heart is free
          A             E              F#m
There's a rhythm that's right for your soul
       A                 E          A
Take a breath find your courage and make the leap
           A           E             F#m
Cause your feet always know where to go

        D              A          E        A
And you dance and you dance in an endless flow
       D          A       E
In the grace of a perfect design
         D          A          E       F#m
Stepping out of the dark and into the glow
        Bm               C#m           D   E
And the whole world will see when you shine

        D    E
You can shi--ne
D    E

Repeat Intro Once

Verse II:
          A         E       A
There's a beauty already inside of you
           A              E           F#m
There's a difference that only you'll make
      A              E                 A
Every place that you spin brings you somewhere new
        A           E             F#m
Finding hope every step that you take

Repeat Refrain and Chorus

D           E
   Suddenly sparkling bright
D            E       A
   Make it a magical night you will
D              E
   Sisters are there by your side
D                    E
   Love will be your guide

Repeat Refrain then Chorus

       D                         E
And we dance and we dance in an endless flow
         D                   E        A
Stepping out of the dark and into the glow
         D                   E
Stepping out of the dark and into the glow
        D                 E
We can shine, we can shi--ne

Repeat Outro then fades out...

Hope you like it!! 🙂
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