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My Woman My Woman My Wife
By Marty Robbins
C                         Em 
Hands that are strong but wrinkled  
       F                    G7
 Doing work that never gets done
C                            Em
Hair that's lost some of its beauty  
    F                     G7
 By too many hours in the sun

C                       Em               
Eyes that show some disappointment   
    F                               G7
And there's been quite a lot in her life
C                      D7          
She's the foundation I lean on  
C         G7        C
My woman  my woman  my wife
                  Em          F 
Everyday has been uphill   we climb 
 But we can't reach the top
    C                      Em             
I'm weak and I'm easily discouraged   
    F                          G7
She just smiles when I want to stop

 C                       Em      
Lips that are weary but tender  
      F                        G7  
 With love that strengthens my life
  C                        F 
A saint in a dress made of gingham   
    C          G7         C 
 My woman   my woman   my wife
F                      EM                       
Two little babies were born in the spring   
    F             G7         C 
But died when the winter was new
Am                   Em           
I lost control of my mind and my soul   
        D7                       G7  
 But my woman's faith carried us through

 C                     Em      
When she reaches that river   
F                        G7
Lord you know what she's worth
C                        Em          
Give her that mansion up yonder   
 Cause she's been thru hell here on earth
C                         Em               
Lord give her my share of heaven   
        F                       G7
If I've earned any here in this life
      C                    F              
Cause God  I believe she deserves it   
   C          G7        C
My woman   my woman  my wife
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