Sebastian Forslund – In Our Hands: аккорды для гитары

Текст песни "Sebastian Forslund – In Our Hands" с аккордами для гитары

Hi guys. This is my very first Tab. 
I haven't been able to find the right chords and text on here so I thought "Why not do it on your own" 
When you find something within the chords or the text to improve, please let me know.

Bm  C G
Em  C G

      Bm          C       G
I've said it many times I know
        Em                C        G
I would change my ways, I know for sure
     Bm               C       G
When all the crows decide to leave
      Em            C        G
they settle down beneath my feet
      Bm                C      G
I've got it right and I got it wrong,
        Em               C      G
but I learned my lesson hanging on
     Bm               C      G
Come sit here with me by the fire
    Em               C       G
and let it go for a little while

   C               G            Em      Am             Bm             C
so be here as the night starts falling let my fingers walk over your hair
C              G     Em             Am            Bm             C
we got nothing to be scared of I'd rather be with you then by myself
                  Em    C G             Em    C G
now all is in our hands

Bm  C G
Em  C G

     Bm              C        G
when I was young I thought control 
       Em           C       G
would lead me to an ending road
    Bm          C      G
A heavy medal seem to be
    Em               C        G
the only thing that works for me
      Bm              C      G
and I saw the angels coming down
         Em               C      G
and they sang a song and sang it loud
       Bm             C       G
and I still remember parts of it
           Em           C      G
and their yellow glorious will live

         C               G       Em    Am              Bm                  C
wont you be my guide and let me follow can I hold your hand for old times sake
    C                  G     Em     Am           Bm                 C
and all this time you waited for me litte did we know I guess it's faith
                  Bm    C G
now all is in our hands
              Em    C G
all is in our hands

Em  C G
Bm  C G
Em  C G

              Bm    C G
all is in our hands
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