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               I'M JUST A COMET - Steven Universe S1E54 - Story for Steven
Tabbed by: rvaen
E-mail: aseroff17@gmail.com

Another gem from Steven Universe...

Tuning: standard


C C4 C

[Verse 1]

C                  Am7
Some say I have no direction
That I'm a light-speed distraction
                       F         G
But that's a knee-jerk reaction

C                       Am7
Still this is the final frontier
Everything is so clear
                F       G
to my destiny I steer


Am                  G                      F
   This life in the stars is all I've ever known
G          Am                   G                F       (stop time)
Stars and stardust and infinite space is my only home

[Verse 2]

        C                     G
But the moment that I hit the stage
             Am                    F
Thousands of voices are calling my name 
      Am                         G                   F
And I know in my heart it's been worth it all of the while

          C                  G
And as my albums fly off the shelves
        Am                   F
Handing autographed pics of myself
             Am               G                      F
This life I chose isn't easy sure is one heck of a ride

[Verse 3]

       D                     A
At the moment that I hit the stage
           Bm                  G
I hear the universe calling my name 
      Bm                      A                       G
And I know deep down in my heart I have nothing to fear

           D                           A
And as the solar wind blows through my hair 
           Bm                       G
knowing I have so much more left to share
             Bm                      A                    G
a wandering spirit whose tearing its way through the cold atmosphere


I fly like a comet
Soar like a comet
Crash like a comet
I'm just a comet
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