Back Door Slam - Roll Away: аккорды для гитары

Back Door Slam – Roll Away: аккорды для гитары

Текст песни "Back Door Slam – Roll Away" с аккордами для гитары

There's no TABs for anything by this band so I figured I'd submit an easy one that I
to play. Great acoustic song for playing and singing solo or to jam with some other

Might not be 100% Accurate but I think it's real close.


Tabbed by: TheDev01dOne

The intro/little pre-verse bit is easier than it sounds. Mostly open strums with and Em
and the harmonic at the 16th fret. Kinda looks like this TABed but just listen to the
and you'll get it.

Standard tuning - Capo 4th fret.

(Inro - Pre-verse riff)
E|-0----0-0-0------0-0-0-|-0----0-0-0------0-0-0-|   (Repeat twice)

Em                      G
I've taken walks by the rolling sea
          D           C           D        Em
Where the cliffs drop down to the big blue deep
Em                                  G
I've breathed in the air that rolls over these hills
D            C      D           Em
I breathe it in but I've had my fill

           Em    G
I've gotta roll, roll away
D            C            D      Em
Maybe I'll return to this island some day
Em    G
Roll, roll away
D            C            D      Em
Maybe I'll return to this island some day

(Pre-verse riff)

Em                                G
From the towns to the ports to my thatched hill-top house
     D             C       D          Em
I've never felt as safe as I do right now
      Em                   G
But I know there's a world waiting out there
     D               C           D          Em
I'll rush head first to it, on a wing and a prayer


(Pre-verse riff)

(Solo thing - See below lyrics..)

(Pre-verse riff)

Em                        G
I love this place with my breath and my bones
D           C         D         Em
I'll always call this island my home
      Em                         G
But I know when the day comes to way my farewell
D        C           D        Em
I will return with a story to tell

(Chorus x2)

(Pre-verse riff)

Fade out..

THE SOLO... If you watch some video of him playing it, it's just chords with hammer-ons
pull-offs and bass runs. Easy to just wing it or just play the chords and let someone
do the solo. But the song works fine without the solo so feel free to not play it if you 
be bothered..

Anyway what I do for the solo is like this..

Am   C   Am   C   (Pre-verse riff once) Am
 Am  C  D

Em    G    D  C  D  Em

Em    G    D  C  D  Em

Then proceed to the pre-verse riff and the last verse. Like I said, watch some videos or
to the song to get the feel of the hammer-ons etc and you'll figure them out.

Good luck, hope people enjoy this song as much as me!
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