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Текст песни "Lorde – Ladder Song" с аккордами для гитары

This song was originally by 'Bright Eyes', but was covered by Lorde 
for the 'Mockingjay: Part 1' Soundtrack. 
Her version has slightly different words and chords to the original. 
Enjoy 🙂


Am  E  Am  E

Am                       E
 No one knows where the ladder goes
Am                          E
 You're gonna lose what you love the most.
Dm                   F
 You're not alone in anything
Dm                   F
 You're not unique in dying.
Am                       E
 I feel estranged every now and then
Am                     E
 Fall asleep reading science fiction.
Dm                   F
 I wanna fly in your silver ship
Dm                       F       G
 But my mama hang and my sister, sit.

     C                    G
It's on now, the days are long now
                F                        G
The ups and the sundowns, and a twisting mind.
           C                       G
If I gotta go first, I'll do it on my terms
             F                       G
I'm tired of traitors always changing sides.
          Am      G  F
They were friends of mine.

Am                          E
 Don't hang around once the promise breaks
Am                           E
 Or you'll be there when the next one's made
Dm                  F
 Kiss the feet of a charlatan
Dm           F
 Some imagine freedom.
Am                  E
 All the rest is predictable
Am                      E
 Trying your hardest to melt the snow
Dm                F
 Tie the knots to concentrate
Dm                     F         G
 Keep on pulling, that rope will break.

Dm                 G    
 We'll welcome the new age
C           F       Dm
 Covered in warrior paint.
                G             C
Lights from the jungle to the sky
Dm            G
 See now, the star burst
C                  F
 Looks just like a blood orange.
Dm             G             C
 Don't it just make you wanna cry,
         Am     G  F
Precious friend of mine?

Am  E  Am  E

Am                     E
 Will I know when it's finally done?
Am                      E
 This whole life's a hallucination.
Dm                   F
 You're not alone in anything,
Dm                   F         C
 You're not alone in trying to be.
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