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Moving Pictures - Travellers Tales

## NOTE: Lyrics & Chords based on the 2015 'Picture This' album recording ##

CAPO: 4th Fret

# NOTE: ~ ~  = Walk-Down from C to Am ##

[INTRO:] C      F   Dm7   C      F   Dm  G

[VERSE 1:]
C                                           F
Each Sunday morning's the same as the one before
       Dm                            C
That's something that means more and more
   G          F               C
To me, as the years turn into rituals
   G        F                                          C          F   Dm  G
To me  -  I like the peace, the peace that at home can bring

[VERSE 2:]
    C                                         F
The grey skies of London could tell a tale or two
Dm                 C
And maybe some are true
      G        F              C
While some are fables from forgotten times
      G            F                         C       ~ ~ Am
While some  -  are dreams snatched from thin air

               G         Am
What are these stories?
               G       Am
But travellers tales
                         G          F
While the household lies sleeping
I'll set my sails
           G        Am
Tales of adventure
            D     F
Fortune and fame
              C        G
Heartache and romance

Of pride and of shame

[VERSE 3:]
C                                           F
Time waits for no man, no man can turn back time
    Dm                     C
I'm guilty of the crime of trying
   G         F                 C
To hold onto days so long gone now
   G             F                 C
To hold  -  onto love that has now flown

[OUTRO:] C    F   Dm   C       F   Dm   C       F   Dm   C       F   Dm     
         C                                           F
         Each Sunday morning's the same as the one before
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