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[Verse 1]
I start thinkin' bout my Bonnie,
From the minute I wake up.
         G                          Cmaj7
And that feelin' is the best I ever had.
       F#m7          B7
She is in my shavin' mirror,
       Bm7         E7
She is in my coffee cup.
       Am7           C              C      G
I must be in love or else I'm goin' mad.
I would like to write to Bonnie,
Tell the girl the way I feel.
        G                             Cmaj7
But I'm better with a car than with a pen.
        F#m7           B7            Bm7           E7
Used to think I'm only happy when I'm sat behind the wheel,
            Am7            C       C    G
Now I don't care if I ever drive again.

                Cmaj7 C6
That girl's got somethin'
        B7sus  B
Nothin' scares her.
Em              F    G7          Cmaj7 Am7
  Only piece of luck that's ever come my way.
              Cmaj7 C6               B      B7
Can't wait to tell her how much I've missed her.
        Em7            A7
Feelin' sorry for James Cagney,
            D7sus4 D7  Am7    D7
'Cause he's ne-    ver kissed her.

[Verse 2]
I start dreamin' bout my Bonnie,
Just as soon as I'm asleep.
            G                                    Cmaj7   C6
They're the kind of dreams that keep you in your bed.
     F#m7           B7
I am makin' love to Bonnie,
         Bm7                 E7
And that sure beats countin' sheep.
      C                 D7         E7 D7  G
Gotta feelin' there are good times up a-  head.

B♭7 Am7 A♭maj7 G
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