Miley Cyrus - Bang Me Box: аккорды для гитары

Miley Cyrus – Bang Me Box: аккорды для гитары

Текст песни "Miley Cyrus – Bang Me Box" с аккордами для гитары

Verse I:
C#m                    B                           
 I sleep with the door open if you want to come in 
    A       F#m
while I'm sleeping
C#m                  B                         A         F#m
 I'm always sleeping naked cause I wake up and you're creeping
C#m                                              C#m
 Want to lick it so much that it's almost like I taste
it on the tip of my tongue
          B                         G#m               F#m
I want to touch it so bad that it's almost like I can feel
it on my fingertips
               C#m                                   C#m
I want yours inside of me, but don't forget where I like 
licking baby
                    G#m         A                 F#m
I want to make your fantasies realities I want to be yours baby

              C#m   B   A    F#m
I want you to bang        my box
              C#m   B   A    F#m
I want you to bang        my box

Verse II:
C#m                 B
There ain't nothing I'm scared to try
A                         F#m
I can be on top or if you like it I can just lie here
C#m             B
Take my picture position my body
    A                       F#m
Wherever you like just know I like it naughty
C#m               B
Teach me a lesson pretend we never met
    A                                       F#m
But we just can't keep kissing cause you're getting me so wet
C#m                                               B
 The only downside to this morning is you getting up 
and you leaving
C#m                                               B
 When I'm dreaming and you're in 'em I wake myself up 
cause I'm screaming
uh huh What are you doing me
     A                                       F#m
It's like you're a zookeeper setting animals free
            C#m                                     B    F#m
You release me like a tiger that's been locked in a cage
G#m   F#m
         Here I am, here you are
G#m   F#m
         I want it so hard
G#m   F#m
         You finger my heart
C#m               B      A                    F#m
 I know just what I need, what I came here to Do
C#m            B         A                  F#m
 I've been thinking baby, been mostly about you

              C#m   B   A    F#m
I want you to bang        my box
              C#m   B   A    F#m
I want you to bang        my box
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