Michael Tolcher – Sooner Or Later: аккорды для гитары

Текст песни "Michael Tolcher – Sooner Or Later" с аккордами для гитары

G             D                            Em
Pull the hair back from your eyes, 
Let the people see your pretty face
G              D                    Em      C
Try not to say anything weird-

G                D                          Em
Save your questions without answers,
Till your old enough to know
G                       D             Em            C
that things aint  as   they appeared

G                D                   Em
Before you go out in the sun
                    C                           G
Cover your skin and dont get burned
Beware the cancer,
             Em                              C
it might  kill   you when youre old

G              D                      Em
Be first in line, raise your hand
                   C                      G
remember everything you hear
                               D                       Em                C
and playing in the rain is worth catching cold

G               D       Em                   C                            
Sooner or later- we'll be lookin' back on everything
G                               D               Em                         C
and well laugh about it like we knew what all was happening and
    G          D                       Em                         C        
someday you might listen   to    what people have to say
G              D            Em             C
Now you learn the hard way...

G            D                             Em
We only want whats best for you
thats why we tell you what to do
G                   D                      Em                C
and Nevermind if nothing makes  sense

G             D                       Em
coz It all works out in the end
youre Just like us without a friend
G                  D                     Em                   C
But you can build a privacy fence (yeah)


G                          D
Somethings you have to learn
          Em                  C
them   all    on your own
        G                  D
you cant rely on anybody else

            Em                      C
or the point of view of a source unknown
       G      D           Em       C                  G                     D
If it feels good, & sounds nice, then its your choice
          Em                          C
dont doubt yourself dont even think twice

G           D                              Em
Pull the hair back from your eyes,
let the people see your pretty face     G
                         D                       Em                   C            
you know they like it when you smile  (find a reason to smile)

G              D                Em         
Try not to focus on yourself
share that love with someone else
G                 D                        Em               C
dont let the bitters bring you down (down)
G            D                           Em    C
dont let anything bring you down
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