Lovett - Eye Of The Storm: аккорды для гитары

Lovett – Eye Of The Storm: аккорды для гитары

Текст песни "Lovett – Eye Of The Storm" с аккордами для гитары


F   G#   (x2)

F                G#
  I know that I'm wrong...
F         G#         Bbm
  About everything I said, 
            C      F         G#
But here it goes again. 

F            G#
 You wanted more, 
 Than you thought 
 G#             Bbm
 I would ever give. 
              C           F         G#
 But you were badly mistaken. 

F   G#

F            G#
 I told you lies, 
F                G#              Bbm
 And said what you were meant to hear, 
              C            F         G#
 Just as you wished... my dear,      

F   G#

F             G#          F
 To reach the eye of the storm.


F        G#
 So we began to float, 
F            G#            F
 And drifted out into the tide, 
 For every wave, 
F            G#
 To swallow... us alive. 

Bbm            C
  No sign of shore, 
Bbm                    C
  The moment when the sails were torn 
Bbm               C
  We reached the end, 
             F              G#
  Eye of the storm. 


F                G#
 For all that it cost, 
F                 G#
 In the end there was no price to pay. 
F                 G#
 For all that was lost, 
F             G#        
 That storm carried it away.


F   G#   (x5)
End on F
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