B52 - Rock Lobster: аккорды для гитары

B52 – Rock Lobster: аккорды для гитары

Текст песни "B52 – Rock Lobster" с аккордами для гитары

Ah yes the immortal Rock Lobster...
Let me see if I can remember this. Take your least-used guitar.
Remove the middle two strings. Tune the low E down to a C. Tune
the A down to a G. Tune the B string DOWN to an F, and the high E
DOWN to a G#.
Now tell the bass player to go on break (unless he or she can make
decent animal noises). The early B's setup was drums, 1 weird guitar,
cheesy keyboards, and vocals. Oh yeah the male singer Fred played a mean
cowbell which you can hear in the second half of the Intro and similar parts
of the song. (I love his visible concentration when he whacks that
cowbell in the video).
The Intro/main riff proceeds thusly (where each dash is a 16th note):
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