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Sorry I'm a Lady - BACCARA


B        D#   Em                   C#m 
Oooi ..  here comes that man again
something in the way he moves
         F#     G#           F#  
makes me sorry,  I am a lady

B               F#
Hello stranger  you're a danger 
B              E
To the law and order here
      B                 F#           B      F#
They don't like men like you,  in our city       
B                  F#
You're too pretty, cool and witty
B                 E
you're a real bad company
  B                   F#            D#
I should have stayed away,  from you today

So you’re a lady, So you’re a lady
        F#         D#
I would rather be  rather be
Just a little shady  just a little shady
         F#         D#
naughty  dynamite,  dynamite
So you’re a lady  so you’re a lady
have you got a light
D#                     G#m       F#
got a light  for me to nigggght 

B             F#
I need power  I need passion
B                 E
Give me more than sympathy
     B            F#             B       F#
I've got a lot to learn before tomorrow
B              F#
Like a flower wants a shower
B             E
I want you to make me bloom
       B            F#                 D#       
those  gentlemen in grey can hear me say


B                F#
You're a winner,  I'm a sinner
B          E
No excuse, no alibi
     B          F#
temptations won the game
and you are to blame

Chorus  Repeat
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