Savage Garden - Hold Me: аккорды для гитары

Savage Garden – Hold Me: аккорды для гитары

Текст песни "Savage Garden – Hold Me" с аккордами для гитары

Savage Garden / Bold me.
Tabbed by
Title: Bold me 
Artist: Savage Garden
Album: Affirmation
Tabbed by: Albert and Richard Shearer 

INTRO:  F - G - Fm - G - F - G - Fm - C 

F   G       Fm               C                 F      G
Bey hey, if we can't find a way out of these problems
                         Fm     C
Then maybe we don't need this
          F        G      Fm       C            F    G
Standing face to face, enemies at war we build defences
                        Fm      C
And secret hiding places

            F       G       Fm    C
I might need you to hold me tonight
            F       G       Fm    C
I might need you to say it's alright
            F       G           Fm    C
I might need you to make the first stand
         Cmaj7                 G        
'Cause tonight I'm finding it hard to be your man

F               G          Fm   C
Bold me tonight, 
F               G          Fm   C
Say it's alright

F   G      Fm               C         F      G
Bey hey, more than angry words I hate this silence
               Fm     C
It's getting so loud
          F        G      Fm       C            
Well I want to scream, but bitterness had 
                       F    G
Silenced these emotions
                        Fm     C
It's getting hard to breathe
                       F      G     
So tell me isn't happiness?
                Fm             C
Worth more than a golden diamond ring?
                       F        G              Fm          C
I'm willing to do anything to calm the storm in my heart
               F         G
I've never been a praying kind,
          Fm             C 
But lately I've been down upon my knees
            F    G           C            G
Not looking for a miracle, just a reason to believe


F           G
Do you remember not long ago?
Bow we used to live for the lifetime
Cherish each moment
F              G                  Fm          C          
Now we don't live we exist, we just run through our lives
                  F     G      Fm      C
That's why you've got to hold me

 - G - Fm - C


Outtro (same as Intro)
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