Poets of the fall - Moonlight Kissed: аккорды для гитары

Poets of the fall – Moonlight Kissed: аккорды для гитары

Текст песни "Poets of the fall – Moonlight Kissed" с аккордами для гитары

Em Am C x2

[Verse 1]
Em                    Am
  I see shadow and light
Stroking the mist
Em                          Am
  And I hear voices take flight
And send out our wish
Em                          Am
  Of peaceful dreams on a night
C         Em     Am   C
Moonlight kissed

[Verse 2]
    Em                               Am
When  Tendrils of smoke lash the street
And shamelessly court
Em                   Am
  Disguised honey sweet
To cater all sorts
Em                       Am
  And hushed tones all agree
        C        Em   Am   C
And the world distorts

Am             Em
  Wishing on a speck of dust
        F#             B
In this crazy ocean of fate
Am              Em
  An echo of a memory
          F#               B
And maybe just a little too late

[Verse 3]
Em                        Am
  Fingers of blue on the snow
Reaching to touch
Em                       Am
  The warm light still aglow
Across the porch
Em                          Am
  We watch the scene die untold
   C           Em   Am  
Outside our window

Am                     Em
  For my words are the salt of lust
         F#   B
On that ivory skin
Am             Em
  Difficult to hear at all
            F#       B
Through the everyday din
Am        G       Dm       F  
  What is this if not some witchcraft?
Am           G     Dm
  Wrapped up widdershins
To lead us all astray
Hook in mouth
   Em7          Am7     Dm7
On through such webs of lies
          G7      Cmaj7
Truth's a distant star
In our eyes
F  G         Am
   Moonlight kissed

Em Am C x2

[Verse 5]
Em                Am
  New day comes again
And it laughs in your face
Em                        Am
  Whispering secrets of pain
By all its names
Em                                Am
  What flame could burn out the stain
     C         Em   Am   C 
Of a life misplaced?

Am             Em
  But summer's scent still lingers
F#      B
In your hair
Am            Em
  Despite the ache
              F#   B
There's magic everywhere
Am        G      Dm    F
  Out the window run rebellion
Am          G       Dm
  Rapt with all you find
For seeking something new
     G      Em7        Am7      Dm7
Play in the ponds like summer's wind
      G7       Cmaj7    Fmaj7     Dm7
Dance with the trees melding with mist
  G7         Cmaj7  D
Beyond their flower field like
F        G         Am
  You're moonlight kissed
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