Bill Monroe - Mary Ann: аккорды для гитары

Bill Monroe – Mary Ann: аккорды для гитары

Текст песни "Bill Monroe – Mary Ann" с аккордами для гитары

D                        G              D
Well theres a girl on my mind I cat get over,
                     A            D
That would break the heart of any man
            G                    D
Without her things would fall to pieces
                 A          D
Well Im dreaming about Mary Ann

            A                        D
So Ill just keep touching up my gray hair
         A                        D
Live and hope someday shell under stand
       A                      G    D
We its no matter if I live to be a hundred
        G                    A                 D
Therell always be a place in my heart for Mary Ann

D                                          G                  D
Well I know shes out there some where in a world that cant be found
                 A                  D
Just to think of her still tears me down
                                      G            D
And if teardrops were pennies then Id be a wealthy man
                        A              D
From the tears that Ive cried for Mary Ann
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