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Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 17:03:35 -0500
From: Ivan Hyde 
Subject: s/semisonic/made_to_last.crd

MADE TO LAST -Semisonic
Track 3 on the Feeling Strangley Fine album
Written by Dan Wilson

Transcribed by Ivan Hyde ([email protected])

INTRO: G - Am - C - Em (x2)

G             Am    C         Em
Made to last awhile  And roll on
G               Am   C          Em
Made to move in style And move along

Made to dream of flying So high
Made to wake up crying I don't know why

    Beautiful one
    Asleep in the sun
    Em              A
    Secret, sweet & sublime
    Am                C     D    Em   A
    I hope you last a long, long time
    Am                C     D  ||:G - Am - C - Em:||(x2)
    I hope you last a long, long time

Made to come alone And pair up
Flash like a rolling stone Seventy-one

One time love affair With the earth
Waiting on the air For some re-birth (Far what it's worth)

    Wherever you are
    nearby or far
    Black, white, lemon or lime
    I hope you last a long, long time
    I hope you last a long, long time

I hope you last a long, long time
I hope you last a long, long time

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