SadBoyProlific - Dead And Cold: аккорды для гитары

SadBoyProlific – Dead And Cold: аккорды для гитары

Текст песни "SadBoyProlific – Dead And Cold" с аккордами для гитары

I found barre chords to be the smothest:
F    fret 1
Gm   fret 3
Bb   fret 6
Dm   fret 5

F Bb Gm Dm x2

F               Bb
Wake up every day and it just feels repetitive
Gm                         Dm
Think I need to chill, I think I need a sedative
   F                               Bb
I think depression's hittin' me I think it's finally setting in
Gm                      Dm
Drifting to my feet and settling just like sediment
F                               Bb
Coastin' and walking down this road called life blindly
Gm                     Dm
Foolishly hoping for purpose to come and find me
        F                        Bb
In the depths of depression is where I've been residing
Gm                            Dm
That or in my room under my covers just hiding

F Bb Gm Dm

Put me in the grave today
Black suit, red bouquet
Gm                       Dm
Too scared to leave, but too tired to stay
F                          Bb
Bullet in the chamber will stop all of the pain
Gm                       Dm
Blood on the wall drips, just like red rain

F                     Bb
Feel my soul seep out with each line from the blade
Gm                         Dm
No one sings along to the songs that I have made
Deep in thought like Socrates
I am not your property
Treated like a mockery
Glad no one is stopping me
F                          Bb
Not one you should idolize, this is my final goodbye
Gm                    Dm
But if I ever hurt you, I truly apologize

F Bb Gm Dm x2
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