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That  awful day
By Rodney Carrington
Tabbed by Austin "Gravedigger" Harris ([email protected])

I got home and the door was locked so I tried to ring the bell, I found a little bitty 
that she had wrote telling me to go to hell.
A                                                    E                                   
I crawled in the window got inside she kicked me in the balls and then I cried, Called 
a name said I
Lied kicked me again thought I died.
A                                                    E                                   
Took my clothes set them on fire and hit me with her curling iron. Tried to block it 
my watch, And
then she kicked me in the crouch again.
A                                B7                        E
Yea today's the day my wife met my girlfriend.

Well I tried to tell her but she did not care thing's weren't what the seemed, She had a 
on the stove of boiling water and my nad's would soon be steamed.
A                                               E
I tried to run scream for help she hit me in the nurts with a rhinestone belt.
 It was like nothing I had ever felt,
I thing god I wasn't wearing a kilt.
A                                                            E
She grabbed the bat from beneath the bed She swung it once and missed my head,
B7                                              A                                        
 She reared back, swung it again, and Then she hit me in the twin's again.
A                                 B7              E
Yea today's the day my wife met my girlfriend.
A                                B7              A                          B7
Yea today's that awful day, And my boys wont be the same.
         A                       B7                    E           A E
Yea today's the day my wife met my girlfriend.
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