Little May - Hide: аккорды для гитары

Little May – Hide: аккорды для гитары

Текст песни "Little May – Hide" с аккордами для гитары

                             Hide – Little May
Tabbed by: Noah Opolsky


Tuning: Standard

Capo 3
Key of Cm

I will work on getting the tabs up as well soon!

Each chord is played for two beats (Am for four, as it is shown twice).
On the final beat of the C, play it louder, almost as a pick up note going back into the Am.
Listen to the song for timing and dynamic.



Am Am F C

[Verse 1]

Am                             F      C
Taking steps toward your door 
Am                             F      C
I hadn't let myself before. 
Hear your name called, 
F                C
She screams your name call 
Am                        F         C
As you take her to the floor. 
Think she likes it? 


Am Am F C
Am Am F C

[Verse 2]

Am                         F                C
I feel so wise in your bed. 
Am                 F                  C           
Is it me or is it her that's in your head? 
And you found it, 
And you drowned it, 
F                       C
And you washed it clean. 
Am                           F                      C
Feed me words while you had her between your sheets, 
Bet she likes that. 


Am                          F            C
See you dancing in the dark. 


Am Am F C
Am Am F C


Am                                F                 C
Can you see me count to three, no I won't play your hide and seek (x4) 
Am                         F               C
See you dancing in the dark.
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