Ben Moody - Everything Burns In Memoriam: аккорды для гитары

Ben Moody – Everything Burns In Memoriam: аккорды для гитары

Текст песни "Ben Moody – Everything Burns In Memoriam" с аккордами для гитары

INTRO: Am G Em F (plucked downwards once per beat) x2


Am              G       Em                F
Here I sit in a corner, singing myself to sleep
Am                    G             Em              F
Wrapped in all of the promises that I never seem to keep
Am          G              Em                       F
I no longer cry to myself, no tears left to scratch away
Am              G                    Em              F
Just diaries of blood-stained pages, praying to burn away

F          E
So I will sing

                Am                    F
Till everything burns, while everyone screams
              Dm                G
Burning their lives, burning my dreams
            Am                    F
All of this hate, and all of this pain
                 Dm                    G                       Am
I´ll burn it all down, ´cause my anger reigns, till everything burns

(Strum one line of Am G Em F and continue through the verse)


Am                   G        Em                  F
Walking through life unknown, knowing that no-one cares
Am                        G                        Em                   F
For who could love what I wont let them touch? No, no-one is getting in here.
Am                        G
There´s no sense reaching out, not in hope or in doubt,
      Em             F
For a cause or a remedy
     Am                     G
I´ve done all I can, I just don´t understand
         Em                   F
Why this all has to come down to me?

F         E
So I will sing

(CHORUS), strumming either VERSE or CHORUS for 1.5 min, repeat CHORUS with individual strum and then strum
VERSE or CHORUS for approximately 2 min.

Hope you all enjoyed my first song!
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